Helping the Flood Victims


Many in Southeast Louisiana know what it is like to deal with the devastation that flooding brings. If you are interested in helping the victims of the flooding in Croatia please check out the links below.


The Foreign Ministry's Press Release


The Croatian community in Chicago has established a central link to the

Croatian CARITAS (Catholic Humanitarian Releif)


The Croatian Red Cross



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To all our members, friends, and visitors


The Croatian American Society (CAS) welcomes you to our community.  The CAS is actively involved in organizing, promoting, and documenting Croatian culture in southeastern Louisiana.


I’m very grateful to work with such a capable team of individuals that are the officers and Board of Directors of the society.  They bring a lot of talent and professionalism to the organization.

Together we are committed to advancing and strengthening the role of the CAS within the Croatian American community.


We continue making headway with plans to build the Croatian American Cultural Center. The new center will be a visible display our prominence, and further unify and expand

the sense of pride within the community.  Our goal is to break ground on the new building within the next year.  Keep watching for signs of our progress!


Another goal of ours is to continue improving the outreach of the organization.  This beautiful website is one great example of that achievement.

I encourage all of our members and friends to bring suggestions (to me or any other board member) as to how we may improve the website to better serve the community.


God bless, and puno vam hvala!

John A. Tesvich



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